Blohm+Voss Acquisition Approved As Lurssen Expands

Blohm+Voss Acquisition Approved As Lurssen Expands

The German Fair Trade Commission has approved the acquisition of German shipyard Blohm+Voss GmbH by Luerssen Maritime Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG, it has been confirmed.

With the acquisition of the Hamburg shipyard, the Bremen-based, family-owned company has said it intends to strengthen the service offerings for repair and refit of yachts, naval and commercial ships as well as enhancing its naval new build activities within their corporation.

“With the decision from the German Fair Trade Commission, we are a major step closer to achieving our goal and we are now able to face future challenges of the difficult market environment together with Blohm+Voss’, said Peter Luerssen, Managing Partner of Luerssen.

“We now have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the existing shipyard structures and to instigate primary steps for our future cooperation. In doing so, we will determine how to use the individual capabilities of the shipyard, secure the balance between all of our sites in the future and together, navigate through the difficult market situation we find ourselves in today.”

During the approval process, the new owner has not been able to see or review detailed information on the internal organisational structures and processes within Blohm+Voss.

Following the official approval from the German Fair Trade Commission, the formal ownership transfer from the previous owner (the Funds of the British private equity investor Star Capital Partners) will take place. The purchase agreement was signed at the end of September this year.

“With the acquisition of Blohm+Voss we are taking over a shipyard with a strategically advantageous location and versatile production facilities. We want to use these facilities to complement our existing refit and repair activities and also to offer our customers an ever better service’, Mr Luerssen continued.

“In addition, we would like to utilise the competence and experience of the shipyard and its employees for the new build of complex naval ships and continue their production at the Hamburg site. The construction of yachts at the Hamburg yard will depend on the overall market situation and it is difficult to judge at this time.”

Founded in 1875, the family-owned, German company Luerssen, based in Bremen-Vegesack, specialises in the design and manufacture of yachts over 60 metres in length and naval and coastguard ships.

With the acquisition, the Luerssen Group will now combine six highly specialised shipyards with around 2,800 employees in Northern Germany.

German Fair Trade Commission Approves Blohm+Voss Acquisition

HMY Highlight the Activity of the American Market

HMY Highlight the Activity of the American Market

After announcing an exceptionally successful second quarter, HMY is showcasing the proof that the American high-net-worth market has presented endless opportunities for consumer confidence to grow.

“Our team is busy!” explained Tim Derrico, HMY Director of Sales in October. “Our leads are up, our activity is up, and you can see the results in our sales.

We are seeing a great mix of sportfish and motor yacht clients buying boats. Of course, our new and pre-owned Viking sales are always consistently good, but we are also seeing strong sales with pre-owned Princess Yachts, Hatteras Yachts, Custom Sportfish, Lazarra Yachts, Sabre Yachts and a lot more.

Between our commitment to marketing and having the right Sales Professionals on board, our clients are telling us they trust us to sell their yacht.”

HMY sold 125 yachts in the second quarter of 2016, and with the 3rd quarter already yielding sales at a similar rate at 91 yachts for more than $69 million.

Heading toward Fort Lauderdale Boat Show with the trajectory of closing 2016 with 475 yacht sales, the inventory on display by HMY will no doubt spark further movement and cement the increasing confidence across America.

The brokerage firm brought on 60 new listings over 60 days in the third quarter to prepare for the world’s largest superyacht brokerage platform.

Find HMY Yachting at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show as they present the world’s finest superyachts, motor yachts, island cruisers and sportfishers to a market growing in strength by the day.

HMY Highlight the Activity of the American Market
HMY Highlight the Activity of the American Market

Editor’s Note: From Market Indicators to the Top 100

Editor's Note: From Market Indicators to the Top 100

After coming off the back of the 72 interviews we conducted at the Monaco Yacht Show this September, we’re heading straight for the docks of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to conduct just a handful for a better grip on the American Market as it stands today, and as it looks for the future.

However, even with travel looming, a solitary shed in Germany opened up today to reveal a fantastic new addition to the global fleet as Lürssen Yachts introduced an incredible new vessel, which caused slight confusion due to its top-secret nature.

Could this be the 124-metre project Jupiter based on Project Mars that Jonny Horsfield hinted at being in construction only last year? Full details are yet to emerge but thanks to the images provided by @DrDuu on Instagram we could bring you the latest insight into the Top 100 movements as they happened.

With Ulysses stealing the show in terms of superyachts discussed most-heavily at the Monaco Yacht Show, H2 Yacht Design is a company on the up and up with a view of creating truly different pieces of art.

More images and information will, naturally, emerge in time; however, you can keep in the loop across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds as the project progress.

Looking slightly more toward the future, we’ll be in the U.S. taking stock of the largest and latest yachts taking the attentions of the increasing consumer demand the country is facing next week. Get in touch if you have a focus or if there’s something you think we should delivering. Until next time!

Editor's Note: From Market Indicators to the Top 100

Lürssen Launch 123m Superyacht Project Jupiter

Lürssen Launch 123m Superyacht Project Jupiter

The 123-metre (403’ft) superyacht Project Jupiter, has been introduced to the water by Lürssen Yachts, presenting a truly cutting-edge project with flowing signature lines by designer Jonny Horsfield of H2 Yacht Design.

After speculating the launch to be the 124 metre Project Jupiter, Lurssen Yachts has today confirmed our theory, with the exception of a metre. Based on H2 Yacht Design’s previous concept Project Mars, this incredible superyacht features an aggressive and sporty style with well balanced proportions which Lurssen describes as similar to the owner’s first yacht, and something that will stun the Hollywood crowd.

Speaking to us back in May 2015, Horsfield spoke about the project’s style from a first-hand perspective: “Getting the scale of the exterior right was the hardest thing, and I know a lot of people say ‘you can’t scale up a Sunseeker to that size’ but we thought, you know what, you can. So, we went against all the rules, and consequently the level of detail and the surfacing features are dramatic and more like a 60 metre.”

Her arching design features and large glass facades provide panoramic views from her eclectic interior by March & White. The interiors themselves are designed to provide a contemporary home throughout, defined by timeless styling, nautical details and highly innovative bespoke finishes.

With a beam of 20 metres, her interior atrium opens up the centre of the yacht to pull natural light deep into the yacht, earning her place as 21st position in the Top 100 Largest Yachts in the World.

The exterior paint is not classic white, but a light grey to show off the aggressive surfacing and edges in the sunlight. One of the defining details of this Jupiter seems to be the mid ship balconies which can be spotted on previous H2 projects, such as the 73 metre Vicky and the 123 metre Al Maryah.

Set for delivery in 2017, this superyacht is a fantastic addition to the global fleet with a game-changing design and a universe of secrets to uncover.

We look forward to bringing you more on the story as it progresses, until then, you can read the full 2015 Master Class interview with Johnny Horsfield here, or catch up with what Lürssen Yachts and H2 Yacht Design had to say in Monaco.

Lürssen Launch 123m Superyacht Project Jupiter
The latest superyacht launch believed to be the 124m Jupiter: Image by @DrDuu / Instagram

Monte Carlo Yachts Breaks into America with Debut 105

Monte Carlo Yachts Breaks into America with Debut 105

Monte Carlo Yachts is set to unveil the latest in customisable yacht building from their facilities in Italy, the MCY 105. This cutting-edge yacht is the sixth in the range, tailored to American tastes and shows the true potential behind semi-custom.

“The USA is a key market for Monte Carlo Yachts,” said Carla Demaria, president of Monte Carlo Yachts. “We see a significant and growing interest in our MCY collection both North and South America, and this MCY 105, alongside our strong presence at the yachting capital of the world’s boat show is sure to fuel curiosity towards both our yachts and the Monte Carlo Yachts’ brand.”

The MCY 105 allows owners to personalise their yacht to match a unique lifestyle, with custom designs incorporate all the decks, with three, four or five cabin layout options.

At 32 meters, this flagship yacht is the largest in the collection to date, and the unveiling of the range in 2015 celebrated Monte Carlo Yacht’s 5th year anniversary with a boat represents timeless style and flexible arrangements for all owners.

Alongside the MCY 105 will be a collection of three of Monte Carlo Yachts’ iconic MCY models (MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 76) to further the Italian brands reach into the American market, as well as a second debut of the brand-new MCY 80.

Monte Carlo Yachts Breaks into America with Debut 105
Monte Carlo Yachts Breaks into America with Debut 105
Monte Carlo Yachts Breaks into America with Debut 105
Monte Carlo Yachts Breaks into America with Debut 105