Editor’s Note: From Market Indicators to the Top 100

Editor's Note: From Market Indicators to the Top 100

After coming off the back of the 72 interviews we conducted at the Monaco Yacht Show this September, we’re heading straight for the docks of the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to conduct just a handful for a better grip on the American Market as it stands today, and as it looks for the future.

However, even with travel looming, a solitary shed in Germany opened up today to reveal a fantastic new addition to the global fleet as Lürssen Yachts introduced an incredible new vessel, which caused slight confusion due to its top-secret nature.

Could this be the 124-metre project Jupiter based on Project Mars that Jonny Horsfield hinted at being in construction only last year? Full details are yet to emerge but thanks to the images provided by @DrDuu on Instagram we could bring you the latest insight into the Top 100 movements as they happened.

With Ulysses stealing the show in terms of superyachts discussed most-heavily at the Monaco Yacht Show, H2 Yacht Design is a company on the up and up with a view of creating truly different pieces of art.

More images and information will, naturally, emerge in time; however, you can keep in the loop across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds as the project progress.

Looking slightly more toward the future, we’ll be in the U.S. taking stock of the largest and latest yachts taking the attentions of the increasing consumer demand the country is facing next week. Get in touch if you have a focus or if there’s something you think we should delivering. Until next time!

Editor's Note: From Market Indicators to the Top 100